My Fees are:-

In respect of Freehold property, 1.5% when given Sole Agency instructions, no set period other than you must cancel the arrangement before appointing any additional firms. £1,000 minimum whichever is the greater.
2% when there are other Agents handling the sale. £1,000 minimum, whichever is the greater.
Commission is payable after Contracts have been signed, usually via your solicitor on completion.
Leasehold empty shops, offices. I require 10% of one years rent, or £1,000 minimum, whichever is the greater.
Should you wish me to be a joint agent with another firm, where the eventual commission is shared equally, my share has to be a minimum of 1%. £1,000 minimum, whichever is the greater.
Please note none of the above can include glossy advertising in National Publications. That would have to be extra at your cost, regardless of any sale.

If you want to retain me to find, for example building land, retail units or even residential property which I do not have on my books, I need a written promise from you that you will pay me, again after contracts have been signed. Usually at 1%, minimum £1,000 whichever is the greater.

I will accept property from other firms as a sub-agent, where, if I introduce a buyer, they pay me a share of their own commisssion, usually 50%.

At the present time, I am not claiming v.a.t., a saving of 20%. Because I do not operate out of a 'High Street' office nor have the turnover.

All contact must be via post, telephone or leaving an email. I will not respond to any messages without your name, address and contact numbers.

Please note, I do not handle residential lettings or management.



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